307 YORITOMO 源頼朝

307 YORITOMO 源頼朝

Minamotono Yoritomo was the first person in Japan to engage in samurai government. He has moved the center of politics from Kyoto to Kamakura, and this new samurai system remained for next 600 years. Yoritomo was born in Aichi Prefecture, and was basnished to Izu after his father, Minamotono Yoshitomo, was defeated in a battle against the Taira family clan. Later in life, Yoritomo married Hojo Masako. He gave the battle with the Taira family to his brother (from another mother) to handle, and he started to conqure the Kanto region from Kamakura. In 1185, he defeated the Taira family in the battle of Dannoura and was appointed as the first Shogun and conquering general, in the year of 1192.

  • 17.19 ㎡
  • Maximum occupancy: 2 people
  • Equipped bedding: Twin bed

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