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Gen Hotel Kamakura

1-chōme 8-36 Yukinoshita 2F & 3F, Kamakura, Kanagawa 248-0005

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Rooftop terrace open!!

The terrace is now open on the roof of the Minamoto Hotel Kamakura! Our guests are free to use it. How about a drink on the terrace?

GEN HOTEL Cherry Blossoms

The cherry blossoms on Wakamiya Oji are in full bloom. It's very nice to take a walk while feeling the atmosphere.

Gen Hotel Grand Opening Campaign!

We will give out our Gen Hotel original tote bag to the first 100 guests who made a reservation. A special present for first come first serve!
Gen Hotel Kamakura

〒248-0005 神奈川県鎌倉市雪ノ下

1丁目8−36 2F、3F