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About us


The hotel is located on the land noted in connection with the Hojo family. Using technology we have maximized the space management efficiency and created a luxurious atmosphere within a compact living space of 15 rooms which magnify the rich history behind the location of the hotel. On site, where the residence of Minamotono Yoritomo’s brother-in-law, Hojo Tokifusa, was located, a “torii”, an “inari” ( traditional Japanese gate) and a well have been replicated to match their original forms. We hope that you will enjoy the “GEN HOTEL” experience where history blends with new technology.



A spacious room with a fully equipped & compact kitchen. Families & friends can spend relaxing time together with a view of Tsuruoka Hachimangu Shrine from the window. Enjoy some luxurious time with your family while discovering the history of Kamakura.


Compact & simple modern double/twin room.


Modern Japanese-style room with tatami mats. The room includes twin size futons for a traditional, peaceful and relaxing stay.

    A Homelike experience in Japan

「鎌倉の歴史を感じながら… 大切な仲間と心と体を満たす旅へ」

Travel Guide

What to see


Kencho-ji Temple is one of Japanese main cultural heritage and its garden is an absolute must-see.

What to eat

Kamakurabori Kaikan Cafe & Shop Guri

The cafe uses famous Kamakurabori lacquerware as their tableware which guests can experience while enjoying Japanese delicacies from the region. A Museum is also located on the 3rd floor of the same building.

what to experience

Ebisuya Kamakura

This is a rickshaw affiliated with Gen Hotel. We will show you around the famous tourist spots in Kamakura.




Rooftop terrace open!!

The terrace is now open on the roof of the Minamoto Hotel Kamakura! Our guests are free to use it. How about a drink on the terrace?

GEN HOTEL Cherry Blossoms

The cherry blossoms on Wakamiya Oji are in full bloom. It's very nice to take a walk while feeling the atmosphere.

Gen Hotel Grand Opening Campaign!

We will give out our Gen Hotel original tote bag to the first 100 guests who made a reservation. A special present for first come first serve!
Gen Hotel Kamakura

〒248-0005 神奈川県鎌倉市雪ノ下

1丁目8−36 2F、3F


Getting to Kamakura and Enoshima